Food diary, November 23, 2010

Deary me, it appears that when I decided to stare straight at life, I suddenly (re)discovered all the things I had to do and am now behind. Well well, let us get started.

Woke up and did not feel like eating a regular breakfast. Bad form.

Raisin, nut, chocolate chip, oat cookie; two slices of sesame crispbread with buttery spread and morello cherry jam; mug of coffee.

Which backfired, and I fancied a snack mid-morning.

Malt loaf!

Then I tried to make an effort with lunch.

Salt and peppered pork belly slices, fried egg and lettuce in a tortilla wrap, with chakalaka relish (put too much in again); four squares of fruit and nut chocolate; homemade cookie.

It must be snack time again.

Mug of tea and a mint humbug. Don't say I do not try to cut down.

Finished by eating a prolonged dinner over the course of three hours. Good or bad?

Two raisin and cinnamon bagels; slice of ham and mushroom pizza; an apple; a clementine; a peppered and smoked mackerel fillet; raisin, nut, chocolate chip, oat cookie; ; mug of tea.

Food for thought: it is often said taking your time with meals and CHEWING is a good thing, but which is better, really: little and often or more and strategically placed?


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