Job Snobs

I was telling an acquaintance about my job hunt, which has included a communications position at a district council office (ie local government), to be met with an exaggerated, “doesn’t that just scream excitement and the high life, a district council (sic)?” First, I had to decide whether this was a “you need to do … More Job Snobs

The Reality of Being a Jobseeker for a Long Time…

(I do take into account that I am probably a fortunate one who has part-time employment – however insecure – to keep me going in the meantime.) …is that you will be awake some nights asking yourself many questions and grumbling over the situation. Including: “Jobseeker” is a very expensive occupation. It’s full time, no … More The Reality of Being a Jobseeker for a Long Time…

Job Interviews and “Ask Culture vs Guess Culture”

Many of the recent job interviews I have had have started with a “this doesn’t need to be so formal/we just want to have a chat about the job/remember that this is a two-way process and you can also ask questions,” or words to that effect. One interviewer also mentioned that a job interview is … More Job Interviews and “Ask Culture vs Guess Culture”


I am not religious, so I am merely borrowing traditions with the aim of self-improvement. Don’t suppose the big sky-boss will disapprove? I’m making this year about giving up bad habits. And while I have many smaller bad habits that do need to go, the one I’m targeting this year is that self-deprecating humour and … More Lent

Happy Holidays

Because I dislike sentimentality around New Years, I shall put down some resolution-style aims for next year. Be kind. Be patient. Be honest with yourself. Be ambitious. Be lazy. Be sassy. For now, Merry Christmas. You punks.