In these uncertain times for the world, I realise that twentysomethings looking for a job are ten a penny. That said, please do not forget that each individual twentysomething comes with their own merits. I am: equipped with four years worth of research experience using both qualitative and quantitative methods (often at the same time) … More Hiring?

Bye 2016!

This year has been weird and awful in many ways (that I will not recap here, because we all know what they – mostly – are). This year has also been the year when I (hopefully) finally let go of most of my emotional stuntedness and learned to truly talk. This has included asking for … More Bye 2016!

Eve of December

I like to get my annual reflections out of the way earlier in the year so that December doesn’t feel so final and I can enjoy it more. Thus! Things I have learned this year: As a young person who (comparatively) has more of time and energy than money – the holy trinity of currencies … More Eve of December

A Few Thoughts on Acknowledging Mental Health Issues

What comes after acknowledging the presence of something in your life that was previously a taboo conversation topic? Am I sick? Will other people think/assume that I’m sick? Will other people think that I’m making a big deal out of nothing? Will other people think that I’ve been hiding all these years and that I’m … More A Few Thoughts on Acknowledging Mental Health Issues

Freshers Week as a Final-Year, Academented PhD

How are you all so young?! I wish you the best in those years bridging youth and adulthood. “Work hard, play hard” is, in short, the way to go. Although don’t forget to have nights in to watch films or afternoons to read [fiction, luxurious fiction]. Please learn traffic etiquette. Not from the drunk man … More Freshers Week as a Final-Year, Academented PhD

People I Like and People I Like a Lot Less

The latter: People who smoke at bus shelters while waiting for the bus in windy weather. People who put out their cigarette just before stepping on the bus. Sexists. Especially on buses. Racists. Especially on buses. People who don’t know how to share the pavement with fellow pedestrians. The former: People who motivate me to … More People I Like and People I Like a Lot Less

What to do on a staycation

Avoid academentia Work “Work” WORK! Vurk Not really work Read – fiction Read – “faction” Binge read Watch television Actually spend time in the outside world that isn’t part of your commute to-and-from the office Exercise Change your mani/pedi/facial horticulture/visual aspect every day Sleep “Sleep” Blog?