Thoughts on Translation and Freelancing… and Freelance Translation

I am but a rookie in this field, but at least I’ve made a start. Here are some thoughts, partially as a reminder to myself, should I manage to continue working in this field and forget what it was like to start out: I love it. Managing time around the ebb and flow of productivity … More Thoughts on Translation and Freelancing… and Freelance Translation


In these uncertain times for the world, I realise that twentysomethings looking for a job are ten a penny. That said, please do not forget that each individual twentysomething comes with their own merits. I am: equipped with four years worth of research experience using both qualitative and quantitative methods (often at the same time) … More Hiring?

Bye 2016!

This year has been weird and awful in many ways (that I will not recap here, because we all know what they – mostly – are). This year has also been the year when I (hopefully) finally let go of most of my emotional stuntedness and learned to truly talk. This has included asking for … More Bye 2016!

Eve of December

I like to get my annual reflections out of the way earlier in the year so that December doesn’t feel so final and I can enjoy it more. Thus! Things I have learned this year: As a young person who (comparatively) has more of time and energy than money – the holy trinity of currencies … More Eve of December