Social media truths

I wandered past an episode of the Garfield show on television, and then spent a full ten minutes shamelessly scrolling through the online archives. As a science communicator, this one reinforced my belief in my cause… …although that is not saying I would not watch “Mr. Pituitary Gland’s clubhouse” – the pituitary gland does control … More Social media truths

Physics explained in 60 seconds

…well, elements of physics, not the whole subject matter(s). I came across Symmetry Magazine‘s excellent archive of simple explanations about complicated phenomena, and decided it should be passed on for interest. The descriptions are not misleading and shed fair light on topics that have often been bathed in unnecessary jargon. Worth at least a coffee … More Physics explained in 60 seconds

Blog drought. Suggestions for cures accepted.

The blog has been rather sad and neglected recently. I am still alive though (barely), putting together my masters project and drinking shocking amounts of tea. I will be back within a week (after the deadline), and possibly with a new format… Since that stop-motion film (it’s under “Portfolio”), I have been tempted to make … More Blog drought. Suggestions for cures accepted.