Eve of December

I like to get my annual reflections out of the way earlier in the year so that December doesn’t feel so final and I can enjoy it more. Thus! Things I have learned this year: As a young person who (comparatively) has more of time and energy than money – the holy trinity of currencies … More Eve of December

People I Like and People I Like a Lot Less

The latter: People who smoke at bus shelters while waiting for the bus in windy weather. People who put out their cigarette just before stepping on the bus. Sexists. Especially on buses. Racists. Especially on buses. People who don’t know how to share the pavement with fellow pedestrians. The former: People who motivate me to … More People I Like and People I Like a Lot Less

What to do on a staycation

Avoid academentia Work “Work” WORK! Vurk Not really work Read – fiction Read – “faction” Binge read Watch television Actually spend time in the outside world that isn’t part of your commute to-and-from the office Exercise Change your mani/pedi/facial horticulture/visual aspect every day Sleep “Sleep” Blog?