Eve of December

I like to get my annual reflections out of the way earlier in the year so that December doesn’t feel so final and I can enjoy it more. Thus! Things I have learned this year:

  • As a young person who (comparatively) has more of time and energy than money – the holy trinity of currencies – you have to take care of yourself. Even if your main aim in life is to be good to the people around you, if you’re not healthy, then you can’t help others even if you want to. Put on your own oxygen mask first.
  • Politics is the world’s biggest and most fickle game. I have been reminded of this for the past three years running, but the surprises never stop coming.
  • If you can afford it, sometimes it is worth paying for convenience and/or peace of mind.
  • There are times when the only way to deal with your grievances is to make like a three year-old and scream really loudly. Then nobody can tell you that they didn’t notice.
  • Talk to the people you like more. On the phone, video-chat, in person, etc.
  • Eat more zinc and B vitamins during cold-and-flu season. (Evergreen 1)
  • Wear sunscreen. (Evergreen 2)

Anything to add? Leave a comment!


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