20 C

Observations on a university campus when temperatures rise to hover around 20 degrees (Celsius) at the end of May: Joggers. Joggers wearing tank tops and shorts. Joggers wearing leggings and wind-breakers. “Joggers” eating ice cream. Students studying on the lawn. Students “studying” on the lawn. Students studying on the “lawn”. People wearing t-shirts, shorts, and … More 20 C

Academented Christmas, day the fifteenth – travel

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. By that I mean I like snow. Some days, it won’t snow. Instead, we get hail, which, alongside sleet, takes the top post on the list of my least favourite types of precipitation. (I think I’ve mused about precipitation since my second-year undergraduate physics essay, which was about clouds.) … More Academented Christmas, day the fifteenth – travel

Food Diary – June 28, 2011

Quick one! Breakfast. Then I went outside, and was amazed to be able to hear lightening and SEE fork-lightning, whilst basking in temperaMENTAL sunshine. Though it was very warm. Lunch! Post-running treat. Yoghurt is awfully filling, so the dinner was light. Water count: ~2l. Warm days.

Home-baked bread and home-grown vegetables 3

Devastation. Despite the attempts to protect the little plants from unpredicatble weather, the rapid changes outdid my precautions. The plants are no more. However, I am now more determined than ever to succeed in harvesting at least one little vegetable this season. Most people in the Northern Hemisphere will probably have felt a wave of … More Home-baked bread and home-grown vegetables 3