Two things on science and scientists respectively

Thing one (the science part): Business Insider’s report on the methods used to mine oil sands in Canada. So it is from Business Insider, but I found it a rather informative slideshow on the process. Granted, the fact that the reporting team were refused entry into the compound is enough to warrant a pique in … More Two things on science and scientists respectively

Social media truths

I wandered past an episode of the Garfield show on television, and then spent a full ten minutes shamelessly scrolling through the online archives. As a science communicator, this one reinforced my belief in my cause… …although that is not saying I would not watch “Mr. Pituitary Gland’s clubhouse” – the pituitary gland does control … More Social media truths

How fast can you read?

¬†Universities often offer additional training for its postgraduates, and last year, I had to opportunity to attend a speed reading practice session. Unfortunately, I went for a different, simultaneously timed, option (improving my writing – I hope you can see some sense in this), and remain a “slow-poke”. Staples now offers a funky little test … More How fast can you read?