How fast can you read?

 Universities often offer additional training for its postgraduates, and last year, I had to opportunity to attend a speed reading practice session. Unfortunately, I went for a different, simultaneously timed, option (improving my writing – I hope you can see some sense in this), and remain a “slow-poke”. Staples now offers a funky little test to measure your reading speed, which then shows your result against some general yardsticks. I cannot vouch for how scientific or accurate this is, but it certainly is a bit of fun for your coffee break.

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department


4 thoughts on “How fast can you read?

    1. I’m sure practice makes perfect… although I could always browse the mighty internet and see what I can collect!

  1. I keep trying speedreading, but I always forget I’m supposed to be doing it after a couple of hours and slip back into the lazy way. Also speedreading scientific papers just leads to massive amounts of confusion. Would be an awesome life skill to have though!

    1. The day-course at Kent was offered to taught PGs. Are there any at your institution off which you can scrounge?

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