Two things on science and scientists respectively

Thing one (the science part): Business Insider’s report on the methods used to mine oil sands in Canada. So it is from Business Insider, but I found it a rather informative slideshow on the process. Granted, the fact that the reporting team were refused entry into the compound is enough to warrant a pique in interest, and one might question the decision to hire a plane to take aerial pictures instead, but it is not unfair. Contents include things for environmentalists (or words to that effect), chemists, engineers, and fans of large machinery.

Thing two (the scientist part): The Oatmeal’s tribute to Tesla (and dissing of Edison). So it is the Oatmeal, but it is good fun, and reminded me of an old secondary school teacher. The teacher used to keep a book on the private lives of famous scientists among his personal stash of reference books in the classroom, and would read a section or two as a break during an afternoon session and students’ attention was waning.


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