Food diary, November 24, 2010

Another day, another breakfast. It is definitely the best meal of the day, as you are more than likely to burn it off through the day anyway. (Unless you absolutely gorge yourself, which may not be completely past me.)


Slice of ham and mushroom pizza; two slices of wholemeal toast with buttery spread, one with morello cherry jam; mug of tea.


Then I remembered that I had an early-afternoon commitment and ran off before lunch could be cooked, but we cannot hike on an empty stomach…


Malt loaf yet again; took a mug of coffee with me to the commitment.


Late lunch. I do not believe in skipping meals.


A twix; two clementines; a tomato, spinach and ricotta bake.

Ate a drawn out dinner again.


Cookie; two squares of chocolate; cookie; crispy chicken fillet and lettuce (there was twice as much of each in the beginning, but I only wanted one tortilla) in a tortilla with pepper, basil, tomato puree and sweet chilli sauce; two squares of chocolate; mug of tea. In that order.


Okay, I drank the tea a bit later in time, with respect to the rest of the foodstuffs.

Food for thought: I was clearly hungry when I started to cook dinner, hence all the snacking. Are there any reasonable foods that work as snacks when you are cooking? Simply for that urgent need to stop your stomach from growling due to pure hunger?




One thought on “Food diary, November 24, 2010

  1. Snack food: carrot sticks! Good to keep some (perhaps even pre-peeled) in the fridge, for urgent needs. Easy to eat whilst cooking, and doesn’t make you lose your apetite for the actual food.

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