Food diary, November 22, 2010

A sandwich is the mainstay on the diet of anybody who has to rush around. Given that the main ingredient of a sandwich is bread, whose main purpose is to “stodge”, how healthy can one make it?

Honey nut cereal with semi-skimmed milk; mug of coffee; two ginger nuts.

It may look like I am almost out of ginger nuts, but I actually bought a two-pack. HA!

Red peppered salami, lettuce and cheese tripledecker sandwich on wholemeal bread with buttery spread; a homemade cookie.

More often than not, I make triple layer sandwiches if they are to be a main meal. Regular sandwiches are for people lacking guts. (Ooooooh go me – excellent bad pun.)

Slice of malt loaf; an apple; a clementine.

Post power walk, mid-afternoon eating; at least it is vaguely healthy.

… so then some folks suggest doing a pub quiz later in the evening, which means not to postpone dinner until after the late lecture and the quiz. (Apparently the ‘pub’ stops serving food at 1830 hours, how silly.)

Turkey, lettuce and chutney sandwich on wholemeal bread; cherry smoothie bar; mug of tea.

Of course, early dinners means late hunger. And I have terrible self-control.

Fruit'n'fibre and huney nut cereal with low fat natural yoghurt; four squares of fruit and nut chocolate; mini Daim.

There we are.

Food for thought: Why is it that things that come in bars are so appealing in between commitments? Is it because they are conveniently shaped, overly sugary, and one can fool themselves into thinking that the inclusion of oats make them healthy?


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