Food diary, November 21, 2010

Sunday. I can tell that this is going to be an exceedingly lazy day due to a manic yesterday.

Honey nut cereal with semi-skimmed milk; three bourbon creams; mug of coffee.

I think the dark days are catching up with me with more snacking than ever.

Red pepper salami sandwich on wholemeal bread; EIGHT squares of fruit and nut chocolate.

Chocolate chocolate chocolate. I love it like a male cross-dresser loves glittery false eyelashes.

Homemade chocolate chip, peanut, raisin and oat cookies. I ate FOUR. Two clementines.

I decided to try and spin the chocolate into something more substantial.

Earl Grey. Neat. An apple.

One of the main reasons I do not like living down South. Water with residues that water filters do not really remove.

Ham and mushroom pizza (evidently, cheese was not so important here); coconut yoghurt.

I gagged after that pizza. It IS cooked, despite looking otherwise.

Malt loaf is back! A slice for me is about 2cm thick; vanilla green tea; mint humbug.

Midnight snacking – cannot get away from it.

Food for thought: I have bought many different teas to try to replace biscuits. That is a doomed way of thought, is it not?


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