Emily Dahls Julkalender 2014!

As this is more or less a personal blog, but somewhat skewed towards my professional interests, I still reserve the happy rights to put what I want on it. I read Emily Dahl’s blog (Swedish) because of the nice mixture of work and life and love on it, and because of the photography advice (I dabble). Emily has been running blog-based advent-calendars for the past few years, and I have decided to join in as best I can. The run up to Christmas is always a jumble of work and stress, and I thought that a moment of egocentric writing every day might help me calm down for at least the moment I put together a paragraph for each day’s entry. Opt in or out as you please. Happy first advent!

5. Berätta om ett klädesplagg som får dig att känna dig stark. An item of clothing that makes you feel strong?

Incidentally, I have a pair of shoes I refer to as my “sassy boots” (and just because I thought of them I won’t be able to find a picture; I guess I’ll have to fill this page up with pictures when I can). To be honest, they don’t have a long history, no remarkable past, and aren’t one-offs either. But I feel GREAT when I get to bring them out of the box (pun here also intended). So there.

4. Berätta om hur du får dina kläder att hålla längre. How do you make your clothes last longer?

For as long as it hygienically decent, weather clothes rather than wash them. Jeans and bras need fewer washes than you might think, especially in winter. Patch up holes and niggles (if unintentional) immediately. Always use a laundry bag for delicates. If you don’t want to take your sequins – provided you own some of those – to the dry-cleaner, and they have reached their airing-out limits, wash them in an unbleached (or otherwise plain) cotton shopper-tote, inside a laundry bag; wash on a gentle cycle (wool usually does it), and sew any stray sequins back on immediately after the item has dried flat. Same goes for heavily beaded items.

3. Berätta om vad du önskar dig i julklapp. What do you want for Christmas?

A cartridge gun (for sealants and fillers in DIY), or a hammer. Or a hefty gift card for books. Or some more time in a day?

However, as this calendar carries a sartorial thread (pun very much intended) I would like some beautiful sets of underwear. I feel the time has come to gradually move into investment clothing rather than what I fancy there and then. This does have the benefit of giving me a larger budget for each clothing item, which is certainly a silver lining.

2. Berätta om vad du har på dig idag. What you are wearing today…

On this particular day… I was mousing around the office in a hoodie and jeans. So much for “chic”. I was however, bedecked in my new boots.

1. Berätta om din stil. Your style…

It has come to my attention that this calendar will be difficult to do if I don’t post pictures of myself on here, which I am wont not to do, but let’s try without for one day and see how we fare:

I don’t think I have a style yet. I ostensibly like colourful because my Asian ebony-on-ivory colouring allows me to wear any colour I like; at the same time, as an early-career academic, I know that how I present myself will affect my future. On a day-to-day basis, I am striving for a minimalist chic sartorial output. I don’t have a work uniform, but I want to saddle up now so that hopefully one day, a type of “smart casual” style will become the status quo. And frankly, I like a bit of chic. But I will always wear colour, even when I’m old and grey (then I’ll have the grey!). Black boots and a black knitted jumper go best with red trousers in my book. Days with monochrome clothing will feature crimson lips and turquoise nails.

Then there are also the days when I will wear a yellow shirt with minty trousers and a red belt. So perhaps trying to fulfil today’s aim of writing about this elusive thing called personal style was doomed before we even began.

6. Berätta om en person som inspirerar dig. A person who inspires you.
7. Berätta om en person som betytt mycket för dig. A person who has meant a lot to you.
8. Berätta om ett klädesplagg som du minns från din barndom. About an item of clothing that you remember from your childhood.
9. Berätta om din stil när du var 15 år. About your style when you were 15 years old…
10. Berätta om någonting som du tycker är alldeles särskilt vackert.
11. Berätta om det fulaste du vet.
12. Berätta om musik som inspirerar dig.
13. Berätta om ett minne från din uppväxt.
14. Berätta om din stil för ett år sedan.
15. Berätta om din favoritmaträtt.
16. Berätta om det bästa köpet i ditt liv.
17. Berätta om hur du skulle vilja se ut om du fick drömma.
18. Berätta om en ikonisk/historisk person som inspirerar dig.
19. Berätta om ett foto som berör dig.
20. Berätta om din student.
21. Berätta om vad ‘mode’ betyder för dig.
22. Berätta om det du tycker är vackrast hos dig själv.
23. Berätta om en gång när du kände dig ensam.
24. Berätta om en gång när du kände dig älskad.


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