Know Your Limits

In this case, I mean knowing how many tasks, how much work you can take on, and still function at a decent capacity. Especially if you are affected by mental health issues, in which case you need to remember that you cannot always function at 100%, all the time. When I finally started treatment and recovery for my health issues, and for a while before that, I was constantly feeling the guilt of not being “enough”, alongside the classic procrastination-related behaviour of a research student – worrying about the end result of tasks not being good enough before I even began.

The past few weeks have been dedicated to catching up with all the life-admin and all the pleasurable things in life that I had closed an eye towards when I was feeling particularly low. I mentioned the list of things I needed to do when I was at a friend’s house, taking family portraits for them – the two new parents and their little boy. My friend said that the list sounded like “a lot”, and that she felt tired just hearing it. Now I feel that there is a gauge in there – if a new parent, who is probably lacking sleep and “me-time”, thinks you have a lot on your plate, then perhaps you should listen to them, and ration and plan to spread things out. Just a little.

Granted, you should also know how much alcohol you can consume without losing your senses. Do NOT drink and drive.


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