Jobseeker’s Reflections

The job application process is like that of the procreation of pandas (especially if you are a zoo keeper): an organic something that may take time, but you desperately hope will yield a good result eventually, and the involved participants do little to help things along.

It is not very sustainable since sustenance is sparse – money for you, bamboo for the pandas – and not something that will materialise quickly.

Those who hold the ultimate decision in their hands/paws – employers and mature pandas – will sometimes make things looks encouraging before dashing your hopes with a rejection.

Pandas are perhaps famous for phantom pregnancies, where they fake being pregnant for any reason, such as receiving nicer food or round-the-clock attention. Like when prospective employers list vacancies for which they already have a chosen candidate because policy says that they must advertise X number of jobs externally per season.

I just hope we all get baby pandas in the end.


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