In these uncertain times for the world, I realise that twentysomethings looking for a job are ten a penny. That said, please do not forget that each individual twentysomething comes with their own merits.

I am:

  • equipped with four years worth of research experience using both qualitative and quantitative methods (often at the same time)
  • from a background  covering natural and social sciences: a physics undergraduate followed by science communication and history of science at postgraduate levels, and therefore accustomed to dealing with information – and people – from both of these fields (also often at the same time)
  • very fond of the internet and social media, including website development, working with SEO and brand management, as well as writing copy, creating graphics, and contributing amateurish-but-enthusiastic photography for websites
  • capable of using a wide-range of editing software for the above
  • trained in newspaper journalism, with experiences in writing for local news, radio (in two languages), blogs, websites, public engagement campaigns… where I learned to fine-tune my style and tone depending on medium, and experienced unholy deadline hours for some of the above (naming no names)
  • used to working with and around people, including conducting feedback surveys in museums (also in two languages), demonstrating experiments on university open days, supervising young pupils as a lab technician, teaching undergraduates, organising groups of museum volunteers… and have developed the attitude and patience to go with it
  • ready to provide more evidence for patience and meticulousness if needed (e.g. altering clothing by hand, cooking 20+ step recipes)
  • pro-active (occasionally too much so)
  • a native speaker of Mandarin, Swedish, and English, with bonus offerings of advanced French and beginner’s German and Spanish
  • capable of delegating work and inducting new colleagues, having experienced the joys and perils of a job with “manager” in the title
  • friendly (or so my friends would say)
  • good at bad puns (or bad at good puns, depending on how you think of puns)
  • a decent addition to a pub-quiz team (if you do that sort of thing)
  • not as fond of parentheses as this text would make it seem
  • a habitual traveller, with family and friends scattered all over the world
  • liberal
  • willing to relocate from the UK

There is more under “about”. Does this sound of interest? Drop me an email (jiaou[dot]song[at]gmail[dot]com) or DM me on twitter!


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