Bye 2016!

This year has been weird and awful in many ways (that I will not recap here, because we all know what they – mostly – are).

This year has also been the year when I (hopefully) finally let go of most of my emotional stuntedness and learned to truly talk. This has included asking for help from people, relying on the support systems that are in place, as opposed to stubbornly thinking that I am going to “do it all” myself. That I have to do everything myself. I really began to talk to people. (And not just professionals.)

I have probably been a burden on many people too. I hope to repay all those people by returning the support in the future, and by continuing to build on the foundation that they have given me to be a better person.

In 2017, I will take control when needed, and delegate when needed. I will conserve time and energy and spend it where it makes me feel good. I will care about how people are instead of what they are doing.

In 2017, I will also embrace being a grown-up, and owning everything I stand for. And acting on what I believe in.

But if I ever lose my sense of childish fun, you are welcome to slap me across the face. Just mind the lipstick.

In 2017, none of that “oh yes, 201X will be a good year for me”. 2017 will be a good year because we WILL MAKE IT SO.

Be safe out there tonight and take care of yourselves.


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