A Few Thoughts on Acknowledging Mental Health Issues

What comes after acknowledging the presence of something in your life that was previously a taboo conversation topic?

  1. Am I sick?
  2. Will other people think/assume that I’m sick?
  3. Will other people think that I’m making a big deal out of nothing?
  4. Will other people think that I’ve been hiding all these years and that I’m actually a completely different – sick – human?
  5. How can I stop myself from wallowing – if I do start to wallow – in my newly acknowledged problems?
  6. How can I best figure out the peopleĀ in my surroundings with whom I can speak freely about mental health, and those who will look constipated if I wander within a white elephant’s breadth of the topic?
  7. How can I help others in the same, or a similar, situation?
  8. Will I ever get better?
  9. Yes, I will get better.
  10. But how?

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