Freshers Week as a Final-Year, Academented PhD

  • How are you all so young?!
  • I wish you the best in those years bridging youth and adulthood.
  • “Work hard, play hard” is, in short, the way to go.
  • Although don’t forget to have nights in to watch films or afternoons to read [fiction, luxurious fiction].
  • Please learn traffic etiquette.
  • Not from the drunk man waving his hands in the middle of traffic on a Friday night.
  • Taking after more senior students (on the traffic etiquette front) would be more preferable. We’ve always thanked any bus-driver who didn’t give us an awful journey when alighting, and we LOOK BOTH WAYS before crossing the road.
  • Please share the width of pavements and corridors. You won’t be excluded from your new group of baes just because you give way to somebody walking in the opposite direction.
  • “Bae” means “poop” in Danish, so its newfound popularity in the English slang vocab will never cease to amuse those who enjoy scatological humour.
  • Including yours truly.
  • Because I am an adult.

(Take the last line seriously at your own peril.)


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