Leap Day!

I know a few people who are turning seven years old today. A very happy birthday indeed to you! By the time you turn eight, we will have swapped out that tens-digit in our ages, and hopefully be all the better off for it. The question is whether people young(er) and old(er) – although mostly the old(er) – will still have an appetite to chide “millennials” for all their miscellaneous sins?

February’s main takeaway is that you’re not invincible. Or at least you’re not invincible all the time, and especially not physically so. Eat well, sleep well, exercise, and go for all your health check-ups. Eschew one of these at your own risk, it may well come and bite you in the rear when you least expect it to.

Who am I to tell you? The other day I made a stack of pancakes for breakfast, and finished it with a great big blob of strawberry jam. Delicious.

But I also ate all of them in one sitting.

So. Full.

So who am I to tell you? Somebody who makes both good and bad life choices and tests them out for you so you need only do the good stuff. That’s who.


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