Low energy…

…happens when there are a lot of things to do, and one is uncharacteristically unwell. (I generally take pride in my diamond-hard immune system.) Though there are, of course, small tidbits from life that are worth looking at anyway, especially in these times when people around me are talking about postdocs and what they want to do after their PhDs.

On one of the billion mailing lists I am on, there was recently a listing for a freelance vacancy (I shall spare the excess of details) as a press-release writer. This was specifically declared as a “PAID” position, with the word written in capitals. The matter of unpaid internships as such has been thoroughly debated in the online world already, but since when could a freelance opportunity be unpaid? Or was the “PAID” aspect of the position advertised as thus, in order to attract more freelancers? Would a freelancer consider a post if it was unpaid?



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