Academented Christmas, day the twenty-fourth/fifth – Merry Blogmas

There appears to be mixed opinions on whether the Eve or the Day is the most (over? Never!-)hyped day of Christmas, so I am posting somewhere in the middle.

There is little left to say but Merry Christmas!/Happy End-of-Hanukkah!/ Happy Wednesday/Thursday! I hope everybody has been swanning about in their place of choice in their outfit of choice, having a generally good time. I hope you have all got your out-of-office messages on your emails, and failing that, are ignoring any “pling” that results from your work emails on your phones. We have all ignored an (several) email(s) sometimes, and if you say you have never done that, you should be ashamed of yourself, because lying is bad form.

I wish you relaxation and good health until the new year, but who knows what will happen next? In the meantime, a little present for your trouble in following this naff calendar, although of course I hope you have been amused, and enjoyed your time here.



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