Academented Christmas, day the twenty-third – ironic neighbours

I never really think of myself as a historian. Occasionally I do something stereotypically historian (such as ooh and aah over war documentaries, or obsess over getting the year – or day – right on for a particular historical event at a pub quiz), but most of the time I think my not-so-historian-ness is highlighted in an office full of historians. However, this does not mean that I cannot occasionally pretend that I favour the old far over the new.*

“Old motor vehicle trade show.”

This picture was snapped on a sweltering day (little did I know at that moment that I was going to have my second bout of sun stroke of the summer later that day) when I headed away from “my” museum in Hangzhou, to Nantong, in order to carry out my pilgrimage to the home of Zhang Jian, founder of the first domestically funded museum in China.

This building was potentially too close (for comfort) to the really quite shiny coach station. Won’t anybody think of the cars?!

*Even this is very stereotypical in itself. Historians, I love you all.


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