Academented Christmas, day the fifteenth – travel

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. By that I mean I like snow. Some days, it won’t snow. Instead, we get hail, which, alongside sleet, takes the top post on the list of my least favourite types of precipitation. (I think I’ve mused about precipitation since my second-year undergraduate physics essay, which was about clouds.)

All HAIL the weather!

On these days, I would rather work at home in order to avoid going outside and being pelted by tiny, cold, vicious pellets from the heavens. However, today I am guaranteed to be out, as I am starting my pilgrimage to friends and family elsewhere in the world, over the festive season. If it snows at any particular pit-stop, I will make an extra update on the blog. That update will be smug and gloaty – you have been warned.


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