Academented Christmas, day the eleventh – disappointments

I am about to get quite self-righteous in this post, so if you know you cannot stand that sort of behaviour, better vacate now and come back tomorrow. Some of the walls in public spaces on campus have the following pattern (scroll down a little bit), which sometimes leads to the following (scroll down to see the whole picture).

Yes indeed. Although I prefer that chilli-garlic sauce by Lee Kim Kee.

As an ethnic Asian, I can see how this is one way to entertain yourself while you’re waiting around for your next commitment on campus. However, if you possess drawing tools, why not put them to better use, rather than cementing age-old stereotypes?

Universities, especially at research-level, can (okay, they can when they are at their best – it’s unfortunately not a prejudice-free world) be an excellent melting pot where great minds from around the world come together to share ideas, and let us – especially social scientists or otherwise inter-cultural researchers – experience an element of our work from the perspective of somebody in very different shoes. It would be great if this could one day be true of the university as a whole. Call me a dreamer. John Lennon was one.

For any newcomers – welcome! – this is a part of The Academented Advent Calendar, where I merrily become more and more neurotic about work and life as we count down to Christmas. Naff but jolly entries every day until (and including) December 24th! Join me or join in with your own tales!


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