Academented Christmas, day the tenth – “office Christmas parties”

At the office Christmas sit-down dinner, where do you sit? With the people you usually talk to anyway? With somebody whose research you want to discuss? With somebody who wants to discuss your research? With somebody who you know is competent at discussing research as well as news/life/trivia topics? With people who you know watch the same television as you do and want to analyse the latest episode – in the context of the research you are doing? With the group that is debating on the topic of “women of a certain age” they find attractive?

Does the dinner discussion even matter when you know it will all end here in the pub anyway?

For any newcomers – welcome! – this is a part of The Academented Advent Calendar, where I merrily become more and more neurotic about work and life as we count down to Christmas. Naff but jolly entries every day until (and including) December 24th! Join me or join in with your own tales!


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