Academented Christmas, day the ninth – cards

The first card of the holiday arrived through my letterbox last week. This made me irrationally stressed, albeit stress infused with the spice of Christmas, in a “is it that time already?”-way. The fact that it came from a fellow PhD student does fill me with hope that there is a way to be organised while writing up, so thank you for the inspiration, you-know-who-you-are.

Isn’t it pretty?

So I thought I’d better get going.

I do have human obligationsfeelings.

A slightly more eclectic mix of cards this year. Coming soon to a letterbox near you*!

*If I know you in person, like you, and we tend to communicate by snail mail.

For any newcomers Рwelcome! Рthis is a part of The Academented Advent Calendar, where I merrily become more and more neurotic about work and life as we count down to Christmas. Naff but jolly entries every day until (and including) December 24th! Join me or join in with your own tales!


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