Academented Christmas, day the sixth – handling stress

PhDs around the world occasionally feel “ferrety” about their work. By occasionally, I mean a LOT of the time. By ferrety, I mean manically stressed. By work, I mean the thesis that is made out to be their life’s magnum opus. Although, historically it has usually (based on research conducted by my eyes and ears) been the administrative aspects of research life that becomes the last proverbial straw. So, how does one avoid going into hyperdrive?

Only a cube?

(Look at those books, no wonder people think I do museums only…)

It does this.

and also


I find the flipping-flopping around of this cube highly calming when I’m in a knot.

Other de-stressing methods are generally available either in shops (in the form of squeezy balls or small bean-bags that one can squish really hard); university counselling service (meditation clubs, etc.); life (go to the pub/coffee shop/gym/cinema/home of your friend and let rip). Try not to keep it all in until your fuse blows.

Patronisingly yours, PhD


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