Overheard during break in class

This is the ranty way of showing anybody who had doubts that I am still alive.

Rants coming up:

1. The class yesterday overran from 21:30 to 22:30. Some kind of new record.

2. On to the title:

Me: “Are you still looking into use of language in telegraphy? There’s this text that you might find useful.” *goes to scramble through machine to look for it…*

(Younger) Fellow Student: *without waiting or asking for details* “I have enough material, thanks.”

Then I think, here I am, constantly worrying about having enough information to back up my own work.

The same fellow student later, after getting a ribbing from the teacher for not having done enough work  for class, says, “god this is a lot of bother.” During postgrad years? You don’t say! What were you expecting?

I’ve decided that I’m old enough, and low enough, to complain about this. I’m don’t think I’ve met a single researcher, whose work is in-progress, dismiss a potential new source. If we’re busy, or think we may indeed have enough readings to contend with, we’ll say “can you please email the article, or an abstract, to me?” and then at least skim the abstract/intro/conclusion, because it could be useful. That said, perhaps this constant running-over of class is getting to me.


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