Academented in Beijing – supervisor edition

The other day:

The Prof: “[…] so that’s all good for planning; what do you want to do afterwards?”

Me: “Well, I was just going to actually get this PhD first, while keeping an eye out, taking contacts down along the way…”

The Prof: *disdained* “Don’t you have an idea as to where you want your career to go?”

Me: “Of course I do, I just don’t want to get distracted right now.”

The Prof: “But you still need to tell me where you want to go after this degree, so that I can introduce you to the right people.”

Is this commonplace in British doctoral supervision, or is this usually an implicit practice?

I was also much thanked for bringing gifts, then instructed not to “indulge in bad Chinese habits” (i.e. the gift-giving).

BONUS food pictures:

Some days you arrive at lunch already full with the disappointment of lacking hunger. This was not one of those days.
The most decent coffee I’ve found on campus so far, accompanied by “Cheese Taste”.
So where is my cheese? There is taro cream and red beans in here – delicious – but the cheese is notably absent.

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