Academented in Beijing

Hello the blog.

Access to internet is still as undetermined as my cultural identity at this point, and I am writing to you in an internet café that smells a bit iffy depending on which corner of which you choose to sit in. (The background music is currently Russian pop.) So I hope you will accept this measly excuse for the lack of update thus far. Especially that take on Qatar Airways I promised some of you. Here’s a teaser: there was a lot of strong flavours, some of which did not entirely agree with my constitution. Furthermore, I had a G&T on my way out, to calm my nerves. As somebody who makes it a rule not to drink on flights due to a propensity of skin-dryness, this was a bad idea for a multitude of reasons.

Otherwise I overshot the de-jet lagging targets by quite a few hours, and woke up at 3 am last night. Not good. But I have re-started all the administrative parts of student life, and am trying to get used to not cooking – all students eat at the heavily subsidised canteens (with admittedly excellent home-cooked food) here, and I barely have a kitchen in my building.

My supervisor on the Chinese front is currently away on Japan, so I am taking this week as my settling-in-week, and re-greeting my friends, not to mention drafting up a big spreadsheet of skype dates and research-goals for each fortnight. Heh.

More to come later! (With pictures!)


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