Day the Forty-Fifth – 1 October

Well, I was supposed to 5-minute-skype with a friend (which of course turned into 30 mins) before wrapping this post. What I didn’t know is that my parents, who are currently in two different cities on errands, neither of which is the one I’m in, would decide to group call immediately after. For TWO hours. My family is slightly nuts and I love them, but HOW do we even do these things? On the upside, I have a staff survey and an audience survey ready for kick-off tomorrow. I am really quite excited.

Today is China’s National Day, and the first of a week-long holiday (not for the museum though; we work throughout). Happy Day to us! I can still hear celebratory explosions of poppers and fireworks and whatnot outside, and it’s 2 am.

I walk into this view every evening after work (apart from the days when the sunset is replaced by black clouds of an imminent storm). It shall be missed.
This sign basically says no swimming, no doing your laundry, and no fishing.
But obeying signs is for wimps, right?
Otherwise, it was a lovely post-dinner walk by the canal. You can see the glow-in-the-dark floes (sp?) of the fisherdudes.
Back home, I’d cracked open the pomelo I’d bought from the market. These are available (sometimes) in Lidl for £1.49. Summer season only.
A dinner one day. Chinese wrap with chopped veg (or chop suey for Hong Kong take-out fans), and chilli sauce. 6 Yuan. Omnomnom. Green tea with that.
I am imminently bound for complicated rail travel. Example: departure boards at Beijing South Station. And a scholar-dude in the middle.
View of the taxi ranks at Hangzhou East Station the last time I came back. This was nearing 10.30 pm. No rest for the wicked.
Not that many taxis though. I definitely queued for longer than my subsequent taxi journey lasted. Or maybe it felt shorter because I was relieved to be out of the taxi ranks and lapping up the wind from my taxi window like any good dog.
Train travel classic! Kang Shi Fu’s roast beef pot noodles. Hot water is free on Chinese trains. Cold drinking water (mineral water) is not. Do thine maths.

Now, would you be more interested in pictures from my Hangzhou office, or my Hangzhou accommodation?


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