Day the Forty-first – 27th September

  • Observations are nearly done, and I am compiling questionnaires (-guides) for staff and visitors at the museums.
  • I’ve finally also found the right people at this museum to ask for documents and files. Now I’m about to really irritate them with requests…
  • I have decided to go pick up my passport after the national holidays, to avoid the crowds and highly priced tickets. Am planning to take some time off to see friends and family now that they have a block of free time. Everyone else is, so why not me? Even if it’s just a few days as opposed to 10?
  • A draft has been returned to me for edit, but supervisor is nowhere to be reached, what gives?!
  • The weather has cooled down to the mid-twenties (Celcius). It’s all rather pleasant.
  • A haircut has happened.
  • I have dealt with a case of friend-comes-home-drunk, with the added twist of a fuse going (=no electricity, temporarily) in the middle of the rescue.
  • I am somewhat concerned that I am too familiar with the inhabitants of my office here – we’re all just too friendly. I suppose it could be worse, and we all hate each other.
  • There is certainly guilt for being a bad blogger, but I have been photographing things all along, and will make sure to share all the best tidbits with you in due course. For now though…
…the exterior of my workplaces retains its novelty entirely in its greatness.
I get to see this daily on my walk from the museum to the bus.
One siesta I am woken up by an “explosion-sorta” sound. And this is the view behind my bus stop when I arrive. I do think it was a planned demolition though.
The vacuum mug has sustained a crack! *unhappy* Might try to suss out a recycling unit before I dismiss it. In the meantime, I am still drinking out of it.
Oh right! Mid-autumn, a.k.a. the Moon Festival, has been! I had a great time going hiking in my work clothes. Here’s a map of the mountain. I took a video at the scenic spot, watch out for an upload soon!
Gate to the mountain trail. Somewhat more pomp and circumstance than your average sheep gate. When (if?) I grow up, I’m going to built a little cottage on the roof of a farmscraper (agricultural skyscraper) and put one of these out front.
Chowed mooncake. This one with lotus paste filling.
Randomised dinner. Chinese herbal tea (the bottle), pomegranates, green tea, ma2 hua1 (crunchy fried twisted dough snack… thing), and some more skewers with fish/tofu products in broth.
Ridiculous me had used the power of the air-con to dry clothes quickly or overnight. Then I saw sense. Since residential buildings in China come with drying racks around the back windows of each flat, I wiped ours down, washed my bed linen and hung them out to dry in the sunny breeze. Bone-dry, warm, and smelling of the sun in two hours. This is the future.
Breakfast while the washing machine was dealing with the items in the above picture. I worked Tuesday – Sunday last week (my days are still 8.30 – 17.00), and relished the Monday off. This was also the day of the haircut. Domestic bliss!

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