Days Twenty through Twenty-Three – 6-9 September

I have been back in Hangzhou for nearly 48 hours. I have gained two flatmates, some progress on my project, some progress on my essay, several mosquito bites, offers of outings, and a general upping of stress-levels. But whatever, life goes on, and since I haven’t moved pictures from memory-card to laptop, we will have to make do with some more pictures from Beijing.

Street food: a wrap with Chinese flatbread (just flour, water, pinch of sugar and salt; make it to doughy consistency; knead; rest; roll out; fry in a pan) with seaweed, dried tofu, spicy potato – all shredded – lettuce, and er, southern friend chicken? It certainly had that crunch. And it was tasty! 6 Yuan for this.

From street food to street view.

On my way back from errand-running. The foot-bridges are extra secured with full-height fences/railings and escalators/lifts on all four corners. And they guard against…


Somehow I caught a moment when there weren’t all that many cars in the middle, but there are four four-laners heading into this junction.

So far I’d been eating more proper food than snacks, but it was only a matter of time before I’d peer into the snack aisles again.

Lots of dried fruit; coffee carton; favourite coconut juice. That dried lemon is highly addictive.

Errands run, I decided to go for a walk at dusk around Weiming Lake on campus. On a Saturday. Not the best idea: 1) dusk = lots and lots of mosquitoes; 2) too many couples, but it’s not the couplehood that bothers: it’s the fact that they insist on walking side-by-side (but of course though) on these tiny paths, and meander slowly. The slow walking. Ugh.

The view though. I wish had a DSLR.

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