Photo post – 7 Sept

I have, unlike at my previous two academic installations (i.e. welcome weeks), actually decided to go out and partake in life to my best ability, admin, errands, and departmental stuff besides. It somehow felt extra important to get to know names and faces here.

Which has resulted in this. I haven’t had the back of my hand marked for entrance in a looong time… Permanent marker reminded me of why that was the case.
The PKU Western Students’ Union (a.k.a. the one for the rest of the world outside Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Africa (their words, not mine)) decided that we’d all go to Pyro’s Pizza at Wudaokou.
You can be the judge of this one.
For cultural reference: the rules of beer pong in Beijing.
Found some Swedes, bad habits and good habits included. Pictured here, habits that I won’t hold against anyone, but I declined when offered a piece.
The good ole metric-vs-imperial problem.
Of course, I am trying to be otherwise cultural too. That said, Bieber is coming to Beijing later this month. I plan on being away then.
Closer to home though… I was running errands around campus and ended up needing a snack. This is a crunchy, deep-fried ball of mashed swede with a sweet taro centre. Recommended.
…and for when one is completely knackered, there is a canteen about five minutes from my door (my door is on the seventh floor – this includes going down in the lift) serving simple home-cooking at 15 Yuan for the above.
Unless you’d rather get kimbap from the shop next door to the canteen for 12 Yuan.


Righty-o, I have visited the entry-exit security bureau, and my residence permit application is under way! I have confirmed that the application certificate and a copy of the photo-page of my passport will serve as ID in the meantime, and I hope to actually enjoy – academically and leisurely – the next few days in Beijing before I, at long last, can get back to HZ again. I am still writing, but should be able to finish the writing before I leave Beijing, and cannot wait to do “proper” fieldwork. I think I will take the expensive-but-safest option of travelling back up here in person to collect my passport once the procedure is finished, but in the mean time: bring it on!








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