Photo post – 3 September

I’ve decided that this travelling-solo business is quite fun. Certainly gives you a completely different perspective of your destinations than going in a group. Even if you’re working every day.

I am standing on a bridge in front of the piazza in front of the museum. It crosses a shipping canal. I admit I do get curious. I suppose the planners saw it happening when they drew in the shipping canal right in the centre of town?
Note the product-placement (literal – they’re pot noodles), and advertising idea. This was on the day I tried out my commute. Oh how everything was new and fresh that day… the A/C actually worked properly on that bus.
Coins. China still has decimated currency, but these are the main coins you’ll see. One Yuan, five Jiao, and one Jiao. One Yuan = 100 Fen. 10 Fen = 1 Jiao. You think about that.
These shop names… This one probably wants to say “XiMOOM”, and I still don’t know what it means. Let’s make it a game – guess what they sell!
The TOTO building! Don’t think I’ve ever known another bathroom company to have a building-topper. Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology live on the fifth floor. I don’t think they have anything in particular to do with TOTO.
My primitivefeature phone! Love it. I genuinely want to know what this setting on my phone does though. Somebody care to enlighten me?

*disclaimer* This next one will have you all going “so childish!” But it gave me a laugh (or a snort really – I was in public and probably already looked weird for taking the photo), so maybe it will do the same for you.

Jissbon? Let’s hope they do…


My take on a gender-neutral umbrella. Frankly, I think I’ve gotten it out far more often that I’d get a brolly out in England. But here it’s for the Sun.

A post wouldn’t be the same without pictures of food.

Just two bowls you say?
Well! (For cultural reference, I got this at a Chinese fast-food chain for 26 Yuan. There’s chicken-and-dried-mushroom stir-fry; shallow-fried iceberg lettuce; a broth of chops, black-eyed beans, goji berries, ginger, and probably something more besides; and rice.

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