Days Fourteenth and Fifteenth – 31 Aug & 1 Sept

… mega-brief version (to keep the momentum up, because I have somehow managed to connect not only to LAN, but also to VPN without paying anything yet, and I’m worried that there’s some amazingly massive hidden cost here that I’m about to have to deal with):

  • I made it to Beijing!
  • I have registered, and also have a place to live!
  • My room-mate has scattered her things across her half of the room but I haven’t actually met her yet!
  • You have to pay extra for everything!
  • Beijing is… messy!
  • I live on the seventh floor and I love it!
  • The library-exterior is FRICKIN AMAZING, and I will report on the interior tomorrow!
  • There are issues with my scholarship – as in I haven’t received it yet – but the bunch of us on the same scheme are all nagging and hopefully it will irritate someone enough to sort out our money!
  • I have to go to a medical tomorrow! Oh yay!
  • I have met with my supervisor at PKU and am really excited about working here in China!
  • I seem to keep making friends with Koreans!
  • Now I have to write some more, argh!

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