Photo post – 31 August

Note, whenever I say “the museum” when I’m here, I mean ZJSTM – that’s Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum.

The globe is the planetarium, called Vibe Theatre. The indoor view is really cool too, remind me to photograph it for you.

More shots from the museum.

I have yet to ask what the panels are made of, but I say it looks pretty majestic.

I tried to figure out if they actually meant “proch”, but the only definition I found was that it means “powder”: in Polish. Don’t think they were going for that. This hangs above a big tunnel (in view) with interactive screens showing “explorable” science news.

My not-so-secret hideout.

Vibe Theatre is just out of shot to the left. There’s this tucked-away little bench with this view of the big lobby. And a vending machine just next to it. Good for a break away from the office.
Lunch receipt. Can you figure out what I ate?

The book shop right next to the museum.

They have excellent A/C facilities. ^^

They also have this!

What’s this? “Ke pu” shelves! That’s “science communication” to you.

With books like…

… thrilling, no? Seriously though, it’s a growing field, and I imagine those shelves will have a regular turnover of new works in the foreseeable future.

Besides, as it was, I already couldn’t resist buying a book from the selection, even though I was going to do shopping last on this trip. Eugh, luggage restrictions.


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