Day the Tenth – 27th August (photos at the end)

  • What is there to say for today…?
  • Well, I basically feel like I live here now. I suppose it’s because I’m actually due somewhere in the mornings, and for actual work… rather than the living room coffee table for parentally supervised summer holiday homework. Like almost every summer spent in China in my childhood.
  • Feeling quite frantic about work, because there’s so much of it and very little time. Is there a point negotiating for more time a week before the deadline? The main reason I’m left with this work is because I’m doing all the admin for my research here in China myself, and there’s rather a lot of it, and for some of it I have to travel to be there in person to fix things.
  • Meh, power on as usual.
  • Office topic of the day: the museum staffers need to go for medicals later in the week (I’ll have to go on a PKU-enforced medical next week, for that matter), and apparently stool samples are required. There’s a long debate on how they think this will be achieved: should they present a sample themselves (and how this will be transported), or do they subject themselves to some poking with a cotton bud.
  • Many expressions of disgust come forth.
  • Those who have been… probed, before, do not say anything helpful.
  • At all.
  • Some look forward to knowing their blood type – apparently the knowledge of one’s blood-type is uncommon in China.
  • I manage to join in the post-lunch nap yet again. Slowly getting the hang of this.
  • Just before leaving, I ask around about buying train tickets. Apparently one needs a local ID to buy them online? I decide to pop out to a licenced ticket vendor at lunch tomorrow.
  • I’ve realized that doing my daily commute by taxi will cost on average 16 Yuan one way (subject to traffic though), which is pretty much the same as the bus fare in ol’ Manc.
  • …but I suppose going on public transport has it “charms” too.
  • Certainly a better view into local day-to-day life.
  • That said, quite a lot of the locals take taxis too.
  • No inspiration for dinner, so I permit myself to wander around the block in my part of town despite time-to-eat running away since I’m due in a conference call in the evening.
  • I find the wet market! And a tonne of “small eats” around it.
  • Dinner consists of Chinese flatbread sandwiched with pickled cabbage and leek, and an iced drink of matcha, tapioca, and red beans. Yum yum.
  • Results of conference call: I’ll do observations first, and ask questions later – in the museums, that is. Observations will include a range of people in the museum (visitors, variously titled staff), and also shadow staff with the same or similar titles in different types/themes/sizes of museums. Let’s roll!
A wild Transformer appears [in the middle of your fancy shopping centre]!
Found the wet market! More photos to come when I go there in daylight. ^^
Close-ups of food, what’s not to like? (Even if the photography is poor.)
This cost twice as much as the food. Discuss.







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