Day the Sixth – 23rd August

Public announcement: I will do a captioned photo-post for you all asap.

On the bus: individual tea-cozy with a handle, so that you can carry your tea like a purse. Don’t even pretend that you don’t want one.
  • An old lady prods me out of the way of the doors on the bus. With a finger. To my shoulder. I am stood facing her, can see that she wanted to get off, and was about to step aside once the person to my side had gotten off the bus, but apparently this wasn’t fast enough for this little old lady.
  • I manage to eat a soy-sauce heavy lunch without getting any on my white tee/khaki skirt combo. Does this mean I can expect a massive stain from dinner by way of maintaining balance in the world?
  • At lunch, I get asked the question multiple of the office members own up to wanting to ask: do I have a boyfriend? Followed by the expected quizzing about whether I prefer Westerners or Chinese men, and what my parents say about it. From experience, I go with straight-up, short answers. Why is this always such a big deal?!
View of workplace on my way in. Novelty still very much there.
  • I successfully get locked out of the office as I pop out to answer my phone when everyone is napping. Decide to cut my losses, let everyone sleep, and walk a lap of the museum. Happily, the door is open when I return about 20 minutes later. Small damage.
  • There is one exhibit titled “instruments without strings [sic]” (i.e. the moving part of the instrument has been removed and replaced with motion sensors), and it takes an embarrassingly long time for me to figure out how the trombone works. Might video that one for you later.
  • Still working on my essay-plan. Looks like I’ll have to bust out that sucker this weekend if I want to fit in proof-readings etc.
  • Got take-out on my way home. For the puny sum of six Yuan. Behold:
There was a third one, but I ate it before I remembered to be all hipster about my food. One with red-bean paste, the second with beef and potato curry, and a third with Chinese pickled greens and pork belly. Mmm.
  • Having realized that I have a major problem with work-life balance, I readily accept an invitation to hang out with a friend on Sunday. And you know what? I’m looking forward to it. Work or no work breathing down my neck. Pohargh!
  • That said, I promised to skype the supervisor, have lots on my plate, and am also quite tired, so I decline a trip to the Wushan Night Market with my new German friends.
  • I go to the supermarket to buy milk, which is one of the few, non-brand named products that are more expensive to buy here than in Britain. On the way, I encounter the following:
Elderly Chinese citizens, having a more social Friday night than yours truly;
Violently “onomatopoeical ” alcohol, (Alc. vol. 56%, FYI);
and this. Mineral water that comes with universal indicator paper, for your amusement. Is this a good idea for public engagement with science?
  • That said again, nothing will stop me from taking a moment to catch up on Great British Bake-Off. NOTHING.

2 thoughts on “Day the Sixth – 23rd August

    1. Thank you! I thought “relaxed” would be the way yo go. Aha, but is it really fun, or am I just really good at disguising the fact that I’m in the office 9.30-5.30…?

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