Photos for Day the First

Firstly, please accept my apologies for typos and grammar mistakes in the previous post.








My view for 9.5 hours. Only with dimmed lights.

Oh right. I was served two meals on the main flight. “Dinner” at 1530 hrs CET, and “breakfast” at 0300 hrs CST. Guess which meal this was?

Flying into the sunrise just above Beijing. An aspect of flying I will always find fascinating: how you go from pitch-black and moonlight to this here above in 15-30 minutes depending on how the plane is circling above the destination on approach.

Just off the plane. Not a bad welcome. In fact, it was only 21 C at the time, which was very pleasant. Little did I know…

The roach. If you look really carefully, you can see my camera flash reflected on its shell.

Chinese instant noodles, where the flavours extent beyond, chicken-and-veg/mushroom, beef-and-tomato, and curry. In fact, yesterday I spotted an authentic British Cup Noodle in the shop, and it was rather expensive. Ahh imported goods.

I was told that before I arrived, it hadn’t rained for something like 40 days, and you could hardly see along the river because of dust and smog. A thunderstorm broke out the first night. Maybe I really did bring a piece of Britain with me.

Day two shortly! Although I should really be getting on with day 3.


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