A different kind of entry

First, a spot of news.

For two weeks starting Monday, I will finally be at the Science Museum in London, learning the ropes and hopefully doing some preliminary work ahead of my fieldwork. I will attempt to do a daily journal podcast entry, which will mostly be for my own benefit, but you are welcome to join the ride.

Secondly, working with science communication in museums, and despite not being directly linked to Wellcome (for now at least – one is allowed future aims), I take an active interest in the connections between arts and sciences, and how these can encourage more peoples’ interest in the sciences. Alejandro Guijarro has, since 2010, been photographing the blackboards of quantum physicists from around the world. Here are some of the photographs, borrowed from his website.

ag3 ag5 ag1 ag2


As an exercise in communicating research – the process of creating science – these boards provide the following at face value:

  • dents from years in service/chalk marks deep enough to not rub out completely – showing that science is a process aiming for gains in the long term
  • parts that are rubbed out and re-started – even professionals get it wrong sometimes
  • doodles – we all get restless
  • pristine work – the final QED moment

Exhibited together, perhaps they can counteract the idea that science is still an elitist domain only for a certain type of mind, while demonstrating that perseverance to undertake the trial-and-improvement work will go the furthest.


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