It Happened HERE

Det hände här is a documentary series that I severely recommend to everybody. It is in Swedish, but in the 21st Century, surely there is a way to work around that little foible?

Before you start complaining, I shall explain its greatness.

The concept: Three historians travel to small places to find big history. Every place, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, will have, at some point, witnessed dramatic fates and life-changing events.

The premise: Three historians, and a television presenter, travel to small, lesser known settlements/towns/villages around Sweden in search of local history. The historians are pitted against each other, and have three days to do research, at the end of which the local population vote for which of the newly unearthed histories they like the best.

The (hypothetical – as everybody responds differently) result: Short term, the winning piece of history will have the honour of giving its name to a local landmark; in this first series there is a roundabout, a bridge, a promenade path and a water tower in the pot. In the long term, the programme wishes to show audiences that there are interesting and dramatic histories everywhere, provided one is willing to search for them.

Personally, I think this is a great idea (apologies for being idiosyncratic). It could be treated as a geography-based version of Who Do You Think You Are? with the benefit of being in the public interest, and engage more people in history. Failing that, perhaps it could at the very least prevent the following map, or at least manage to attribute more meaningful tags to the conurbations of our fair isles.

From Buzzfeed.

2 thoughts on “It Happened HERE

    1. Haha! I should probably have clarified: I am not against the existence of this map – it did tickle my amusement – but I think it is unfortunate that these are some of* the phrases to come out of auto-complete. Mind you, “Belfast is my mojo”, *nods in approval*.

      *I did google a few places on a lunch break and they weren’t all that bad; we can accept that editing will always do its thing on sites like buzzfeed.

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