“Stand Up To Cancer UK”

What do you think of that? The wording, that is? The way I interpret it is that I am being encouraged to stand up to Cancer UK, which sounds like a charitable organisation doing research into curing cancer, because they have spammed me with too many sponsored cardboard coasters.

What it actually is, is this:
“Can you feel it? It’s everywhere now. It’s in your homes, your workplaces and your schools. It’s strong and getting stronger – it will not be stopped. It’s all of us – the collective force ready to Stand Up together and ready to shout ENOUGH. Enough of cancer. Enough of the pain it causes. Enough of the lives it steals. And enough of its unfairness. Now is the time. Tonight it is in all our hands. We need you to stand shoulder to shoulder with us and make the 19th October, 2012 a day that goes down in history. The day that the cures for all cancers were brought forward. We need you to tune in and donate, and we need you to tell everyone you know to do the same thing http://bit.ly/R63CwJ Together we can do this. Bring. It. On!”

This, I can definitely endorse.


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