T minus 12 hours until take-off

A piping hot slice of life-pie (vanilla cream optional) before this blog returns to its intended nature. We all need some slack sometimes…

In 12 hours time (approx. 10am BST) I anticipate having mild but solvable difficulties stowing my life into the car, before I set off for greener yet rainier (according to BBC Weather) pastures.

The past two weeks have swept past as quickly as the first three of my prep-weeks have felt slow. I attended two conferences as a delegate. The first was about “placing Europe in the museum”, so, lots of methodologies about museums, and how cultures are represented within. Very interesting. The second was about philosophy of science, and how science is perceived by realists vs. idealists. It also had a history of science angle. I suspect I would have gotten more out of that one if I knew more about the subject. I did come away from both conferences with new friends though, with whom I should catch up before it gets awkward.

I have also been swimming, and actually went out one night, kitted out as a 1950s office lady. It was great. I brought flats with me for the journey home – I did feel like a wimp for not staying in my heels *all* night, but was smugly pleased that I did not have to step on the Saturday-evening version of pavement barefooted.

The past – and still progressing – week has been all about moving. And I am grateful for the people around me who sent support and kind words.

So! I am moving tomorrow. Bring it on.


One thought on “T minus 12 hours until take-off

  1. Jag skickar lite solsken! 🙂 Morgonpiggheten vill jag nog behålla själv 😉

    Haha, jag är likadan själv när det är något spännande på gång inne hos någon bloggare..det är ju så kul när man följt med hela vägen (som t.ex. vid en graviditet), och sen får se resultatet 🙂

    Ha en trevlig vecka du med!

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