In completely different news…

This Higgsdependence Day, there has been Higgsteria of Higgstravagant proportions as us Bo-lievers embraced the making of Higgstory. Too much? I blame my friends who provided the ammunition for the above sentence. (Bo-lievers: geek out!) Of course, some mourn the now slightly less likely prospect of non-Standard Model physics, and personally, of all the videos I found of today’s events, my favourite was probably the one of Prof Stephen Hawking stating that the Higgs has lost him 100 USD.

If you want to be rid of all the Higgsperimental news – and bearing in mind it is nearly 2200 hours where I am, and you probably just want to relax – may I personally recommend the following?

Nikola Tesla in Sound and Light from Marco Tempest on Vimeo – is basically what it says on the tin. Only even better than you think.

Also, Dr Alice Bell spends a thrifty 15 minutes discussing scientific literacy vs better engagement by scientists on R4’s Four Thought – she’s a good speaker; it’s an interesting topic… this is also pretty much what it says on the tin. Would you actually like it better if I did little blurbs when I recommend things?

And another thing, if I may: I was at the dentist earlier in the week for a check-up, and is it just me (it probably is), but does anybody else want to know what the dentist and the dental nurse actually mean when they literally communicate in numbers? “Zero… one…zero… zero…” What does it mean? Do I have cavities? *Hypochondria!*

(I am not really a hypochondriac. Usually.)

Perhaps this is what we are talking about when we group all “experts” and “professionals” into one pot? Experts in one field are – very, dare I say – usually not experts in many fields beyond their own. Not everybody is a Stephen Fry. Of course, I have been out of the pure science loop for a while, but I do feel that I understand certain areas of science better than others. This dental stuff however, I might just have to ask about in person.


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