Because ignorance is not cool

I feel that I could endlessly apologise for my absence, but what good would that do? That said, I am sorry about the aforementioned absence – it is a particularly busy time at the moment. (Yes, even busier than what sadly seems to be the norm for most people these days.) Sometimes, life also happens, and I opt to go with it.

If for some unfathomable reason, one or more of you have missed my ramblings and postings of video clips, I would like to offer up the following super slow-motion clip, and ensuing discussion, of the physics of slinkies, and how they “hover” above the ground before falling when dropped. The gist is that both ends of the slinky are “attracted” to its centre of gravity, and external forces (gravity, in this case) will pull both ends of the slinky towards the centre of mass of the Earth. There are resultant momentary not-quite-cancellations of forces, which are enough for the slinky to “hover”… Oh never mind me, go watch the super slo-mo, you know you want to!

Finally, we celebrated 100 years since the birth of Alan Turing on June 23rd! Most of us have more to thank him for than that of which we are presently aware. I randomly – seems to a key adverb in my life – came across a letter to the Guardian newspaper sent by a former professor of mine from Imperial, which seems to be a much more coherent description of some of Turing’s achievements than many a big celebratory feature. Worth a read!

On that note: what would you like to read about? Perhaps I should have asked earlier. Hm.


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