There will be posts

Dear all,

I am solemnly apologetic for the negligence that I have bestowed upon this blog over the past week…

… and now to quit the flowery language that got me into trouble earlier on today, I can let you know that said negligence (and the duties that caused it) has landed me with:

  • sleep deprivation;
  • a bunch of small scrapes on my hands that I cannot remember causing (no, I have not been inebriated in the week);
  • a Thursday spent in total confusion (see above bracket);
  • one missing sock (see above bracket);
  • a great podcast idea that has escaped me because I didn’t have my notepad handy as it was mentioned, but be damned if it doesn’t come back to me;
  • a grammatical error, as I was complaining about grammatical errors (see bracket two points above).

That last one coloured me particularly mortified. It was even one of those classic moments when, even as I expressed the words, I knew it could only end badly. So please, if you spot any errors at all on here or in the podcasts, do let me know.

If I’m going to be shamed at large, I might as well have learnt something from it. (Like the last point taught me to stick to my own blog, and stop minding other people’s business.)

Regular service of posts will be resumed this evening. Thank you.


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