Two vaguely scientific things for amusement

Thing One: This week’s More or Less (27 Jan 2012, BBC World Service/Radio 4/Podcast) on the size of cities. I am a fan of statistics, large metropolises (metropolii? metropola? metropolu?)*, and radio, so it all works out. Lucky me.

Thing Two: Something that the science-fiction fan in me almost wanted to be extraordinary… not that it was particularly ordinary, for that matter. This is the story of the man whose garden received a shower of tiny blue spheres from the sky. The spheres were reportedly jelly-like, non-sticky, had no smell, and were approximately three centimetres in diameter. The Met Office offered that the spheres were “not meteorological”. According to the man whose garden it was, the sky became a dark yellow colour before the instant hailstorm. I was really intrigued. The intrigue was short-lived, however, as it was then suggested that the spheres may have been fallen invertebrate eggs, that had been stuck to a bird’s foot, who had been caught in a storm. Got that?

Update on podcast: I am cutting and stitching. I am also deeply unimpressed with my current working rate. However, I aim to provide something for you to listen to within the working week. Until next time!

*I checked. It was “metropolises”, so now you know.


3 thoughts on “Two vaguely scientific things for amusement

    1. Isn’t it always? People from a century ago may argue that we are living science-fiction…

      Hurray for grammar sticklers!

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